14 mei 2011

Greek BailOut

The Greek bail out and any bailout for that matter cant work can't do the job, it’s attempting to try to fix a system that can’t be fixed.
Its completely irrational that the European Union, Politics, Banks thus we/us are participating in such deception as Bailouts in the first place and accept this as our reality.
When a strategy isn’t working one is not going to fix the strategy, one will replace the strategy with another strategy that is working, quite simple! In common sense one will look at the flaws in such a strategy, one will conclude that not everything has been taking into consideration that not all the points where taken care of. Which is only done by a system that takes care of all and everything=Equal Money System!


A Bailout is not standing and taking care of all, countries that needs to be rescued/saved through financial injections until the cycle will repeat itself again either in the same country or in another country isn't the solution, which country will be next?
It’s a repetition of the old that gives the illusion of change/rescue in seemingly different variations which seemingly gives an idea of change, and hope a fix. Injects the economy for a brief moment with a temporary fix that isn’t lasting. Which is playing out now clearly demonstrated by this debt drama which is completely not necessary.

Some will say: "Yeah that’s how ‘it’ works." Have a look at how many people will loose their jobs, their homes? How much unnecessary suffering will be done upon PEOPLE, BEINGS by this so-called system and how ‘it’ works?

If you are serious about yourself, Life and all other beings, study an Equal Money system and see for yourself the simplicity of this solution.
An Equal money system isn’t fixing any system, an Equal money is replacing the current Monetary System so that we can for once and for all stop all unnecessary abuse, suffering, and fear.

Bail out Humanity! Safe All - Equal money For All!

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