4 maart 2011

Economics of Abuse Lack of money causes domestic violence

Suppressing and ignoring the Real Facts at hand within this world is not going to change the world in fact, its only benefitting the glorification of oneself in eternal bliss of gratitude that I am not the one that is suffering from famine and poverty, violence or any other form of abuse.

Such ignorance that is causing serious harm should be banned and the people who exercise within it should be locked up due to mental illness that must be cured.

Equal money is putting an end to such atrocities: Equal money for all is exercising the real solution to end all abuse in name of Economics.
Equal money provides every child born into this world from birth to death with an equal amount of money. That’s bringing heaven to earth, we are here within the physical reality where we must bring change equally for all.

“Lack of money and poor finances certainly contribute to the incidence of domestic violence. According to the Bureau of Justice Statistics (BJS) survey entitled Intimate Partner Violence in the U.S, the poorer the household, the higher the rate of domestic violence. As illustrated below, the BJS survey captures domestic violence statistics between 2001 and 2005, and illustrates that women in the lowest income category experienced more than six times the rate of nonfatal intimate partner violence per 1,000 people as compared to women in the highest income category."

Stop such atrocities in the name of Economics that has turned into eco- no- me.
Get real, stay real, change this reality through an Equal money system for All.

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