22 juni 2008

Sail on-Truly-

I was having lunch at a restaurant this week and on the background music was playing. The Comodores en Lionel Ritchie. I didnt really take noticed  it but it was there.

When I got home there was 'something' lingering but had no words to describe this 'state' I  was expierencing and couldnt find the  words for it. I search for this particular song by the Comodores and the moment I heard the piano and the soothing voice of Lionel Richie I  started crying.
OMG I  didnt had a clue, this song is  so deeply ingrained in me.
I grew up with this song and later when LR became a solo artist his voice is among others the soundtrack of a part of my life. The part of my life where I was dating for the first time with the first boyfriend, dating holding hands and this music is absolutly a big part of it, the music activate systems and ideas inside of me of how I perceived love. Not even love for someone, but love in general as something which is out there to find to grasp, to reach.
Someday I will be on that lovely place where I wil find real love and this music activates all these desires in me.
That something is not even clear, but the feeling that I had to look for it was activated within the firts love relationship and the music 'spiced' it up even more.

How weird that when ever I hear this song, this is triggered inside of me. Conscious or unconcounscious. Its there.

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Anoniem zei

Hi Jozien! Cool you're making blog as well, I know what you mean about music. I had deeply ingrained music system as well... Really. It is tough to get it all out and I even got explanation of how certain specific systems activate with certain sound and words (songs) yep. I also defined myself as rejoicing in melancholy. Imagine.
Bit by bit we go disentangling all this stuff. All that lasts is who I am.

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