3 oktober 2008

Pushing through resistance/ stabilizing myself/being more consistent

Ok that’s not about changing a other person or tolerate the other one and a other beings presence so to speak, no its actually you changing yourself and showing yourself that you can push through a point by stabilising yourself in the moment here.
Through breathing, breathe through the resistance aplly self-forgiveness in the moment of resistance instantly immediately no delays and by doing so you push yourself through the point of resistance.
You breathe and you direct yourself in the moment, by pushing through the points of resistance for example fear, anxiety, irritation, helplessness, wanting to give up . You direct yourself you breathe and by doing so you direct yourself instead of letting outside events be the directive principle of you.
You self-direct you immediately in the moment. I am the directive principle of me.

When I feel resistance for example to reply on a post on the forum because of reactions – self-interest- I push myself through the points of resistance I immediately apply Sf and immediatly push myself through the point of resisantce direct myself and be the directive principle of me instead of letting outside events determine how I feel in the moment
Become stable, breathe by breathe

If I have to go do something in the matrix which I rather not do because of the resistance I feel. For example I got a invite for a event
I prefer to stay at home. Why? Whats my startingpoint ?
I know when I go I will ‘fall.’ Because I know already that sooner or later – lol- I will be full with anxiety and bs and not knowing how to ‘be’ in the moment.

I do not trust myself in every moment of breathe. I also realized when this is not yet the case if I can’t walk in absolut self trust I have to face all moments of self doubt other wise it has and is of no value.
It must be proven, It’s my own self realization- for self as self here
I have to absolut trust myself in every moment of breath other wise I, me, will prevail above all
If I’m not the directive principle of me the outer events will be directing me.

Writing alone wont do.

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I can see myself on that post. Same fears and reactions.

Thanks for sharing

We are not alone


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