18 oktober 2009

my experience with education as a parent

My daughter is just attending school this is my experience thus far.
The first prominent point I see when children enter the educational system and this already start when babies and toddlers entering day care is that teachers and caretakers are responding to them through dividing all and everything into ‘good’/’bad’. Praising children, responding to their actions either with ‘nice’ or ‘bad’ or other indications within the same polarity construct

Rewarding obedience with a compliment/rewarding disobedience with rejection: that’s a very nice thing to do/that’s not a nice thing to do.

What you see is what you become, being nice is something, which will be adopted and adapted as the accepted standard/way of surviving in a group within the educational system and later when you mature within society. How many times do we say each single day: “that’s such a nice thing to do or that’s really good very nicely done?”
We have been taught to program words into us as way to survive and to store our experience of ourselves into a polarity structure of mind. That’s how we address this world. The ‘game’ of winning and loosing is already introduced as well, and no one wants to stand on the losing side. All children at some point want to say and know the right answer and expect to be rewarded by the same construct/rules that what has been showed to them.

Every one for themselves can actually see how “being nice” as a reward to an individual action has screwed you with your perception of yourself especially regards interacting with others we’ve all been programmed to have multidimensional/interpretations connected to words e.g. such a simple word as nice. It starts with parents and then when we grow of age we enter the educational system and here through a new authority figure the teacher and your fellow classmates and your adopted survival techniques of wanting to be part of it, to stand your ground with no other tools then copying those around you within your sphere of influence you will program yourself to become that what you see and adopt and adapt this as you in fact.

Because really it isn’t that hard to observe this for yourself that we’re programmed to have multi dimensional interpretations connected to one word. And it isn’t that hard to see for your self when being with children that children do not understand this at all. Kids for example do not understand irony, sarcasm its something for grown ups those who already are complied (= act in accordance with a wish or command) within this specific set of rules. When a word has no physical substance to it young children do not understand what you are talking about. It’s programmed unto them by repetition through parents the teachers within the educational system and the method we use to teach them how to read as it has been taught to us and the ones that have came before us.

We force our ways unto our children, prepared already by the parents, to continue even further the minute they enter the educational system where acts of morality and polarity ‘lighthouse’ pointers of the system presented as the example as a means to stand their ground. We reward this behavior with approval because that’s all we know of, even before they are able to read they are prepared to adept to multidimensional interpretations of words/pictures/symbols in order for them to establish and adapt and adopt to morality and polarity constructs – meaning the child is developing ‘well’ within and as a system.

The current educational system is an enslavement system, for only one sole purpose to deliver proper ingrained and useful systems for the bigger system to serve.

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