8 april 2010

Desteni education

The Desteni Education System is a skills development and transfer program. The skills that are developed with this program are Information Processing Skills. The method used is diagnostics, then remediation, then preparation and then acceleration.

Information Processing Skills are the skills necessary for effective curriculum and information transfer, which should be the foundation of the schooling system.
Understanding the format and foundation of information processing skills are vital at the teacher / facilitator level. If these skills are not understood, no effective reading and effective information transfer is possible.

The process of building effective information processing skills is like building a brick wall, where each brick represents a word. If the child misses one word in one of its facets of spelling, meaning or recognition, one brick in the wall of understanding is missing. This missing brick will affect the child, when they are busy reading information where this word, that is missing, or is not understood, is used. The effect is, that the child will have been reading in the abstract phase (which is all the words they know) and then jumped to the concrete phase for this one word, which they don’t know. The effect of this is, that the child will doubt themselves and will feel inadequate, read slower and that the comprehension of what they are reading will now be questionable in their own mind. In the instance where the child knows all the words and the meaning of the words, in the abstract phase, when they are reading a piece of information, the processing and understanding of the piece will be effective, productive, confidence building and the child will function at the highest level of expression and potential.

In the diagnostics using the Vocabulary Builder, it is easy to establish which words the learner did not master. Once these are diagnosed, the program assists in mastering these words to make sure the learner knows all the vocabulary they are going to need for effective curriculum and information transfer. As demonstrated, words that only reach the concrete stage in a child’s mind will create learning disabilities and self-esteem problems.

Once the remediation of the words for the current grade/level has been done, the following stage starts, preparing for the next grade/level. Remember that all curriculum and information transfer is based on vocabulary. If the child does not have an effective vocabulary in the abstract mind before new curriculum transfer starts, no effective curriculum transfer can happen.

Due to the nature of the human mind, preparation can be followed immediately with the acceleration of the vocabulary of the learner. The objective is to prepare and accelerate the learner to have an effective vocabulary by Grade 7 to handle the curriculum transfer of High School with confidence and effectiveness. This will then be reaching the goal of the Department of Education to achieve effective and sustainable learning and reading.

Through deduction and logics the simplicity of this proposed revolution in education, must be clear to the concerned and informed decision maker, and participant in the education process.
The Desteni Vocabulary Builder is language independent and can be utilized and applied based on the above-mentioned principles in any language for no extra cost.


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