9 april 2010

Fuck Human Rights!

Human rights are illusions given to us by the powerful to make us feel as if we DO have some kind of power also. Why accept SOMEONE ELSE giving us rights? Does this mean we ourselves do not know what our rights are? Does this mean we HAVE to be BABIED by some higher group with some shitty code of what we are allowed to do and not allowed to do?
Why do we have to be "entitled" to freedom, when we can BE freedom? - Chris
"human rights"... the invisible idea existing in one's mind that certain things should be allowed and guaranteed for an individual no matter what because it is "fair".
human rights is what allows for human rights to be violated. - Joe Kou
when ALL LIFE is EQUAL and ONE -there is no necessity for establishing such thing as 'human rights' or even a 'right to life'. - Bella Bargilly
"Rights aren't rights if someone can take them away" - George Carlin
'human rights' implies separation and superfication of human towards non-human (=slave?), animal, nature. - Bella Bargilly

thus through the 'human rights declaration' humanity implies the declaration of/as being more than life. By this deliberate act, humanity gave up on their existence as LIFE as ALL as ONE as EQUAL. - Bella Bargilly
Human Rights, right to what?
each human has a right... and a left... - Justin
Yes, humanity created rights from the starting point of believing they are "gods people." HUmans believe we are the controllers of all, became our idea of god. HUMAN rights. Like you said, what about animals? plants? everything else in existence? - Chris
Is there a 'moral obligation' for 'human rights'?
Moral obligations are the habits of society! The so-called norms that everybody should abide by!
I dont see LIFE to has any obligations! I see life as unconditional, unlimited, unpredicted, expression of self, yet stable.- Nelly
Obligations are like human rights you create something as perceptions so that peoples minds can follow and go with it and you constantly and continuously feed it! I think that either we have unlimited rights or we have no rights! Life cant be defined by opinions of any kind! And the moral obligations are exactly that!
So Joe as Bella said "Fuck Moral, honor LIFE" - Nelly
Let's talk about 'The Principle of Equality - All as one as Equal -
An Equal Money System for All from Birth till Death
With all human beings having the ability to finally exist within equality, due to all of humanity as one having the exact equal amount of money
Poverty and starvation will disappear in this world because such beings will now have enough money to support them for the remainder of their lifetime and also for the children who are born in such dire circumstances here on earth. They will have enough money to be able to build themselves homes and buy themselves food giving them also the equal opportunity to have the ability to express themselves as who and what they are for the first time ever and giving their children the exact same unconditional opportunity.
MONEY will no longer be GOD in this world which has allowed for the enslavement and separation of humanity, the polarity existence within humanity, where consciousness enslavement systems have become the manifestation of that as money. The entire GOD construct or principle will be replaced with that of EQUALITY and ONENESS in unconditional self expression and experience of each and every individual human being in this world. Because money is equally spread where all individual human beings will receive the exact same amount, all human beings will be equal to each other in self expression and experience here on earth. Because all as one together decided to allow all individual human beings to receive the equal exact amount of money, including for the children to come humanity exists within oneness, as all as one live within and as this agreement and one choice that has been made.
There is a parting of the red sea so to speak--the end of systems--yet still a trek through the desert to understand equality and oneness practically -
Nature and the earth are directing the events necessary to sever the ties with perceived safety and stability - Bernard Poolman
This practical equality and oneness quite a tough call--no middle ground as that is separation

what must be done is done - Bernard Poolman

All as One as Equal


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