24 april 2010

Freedom in the pursuit of Happiness

So to Believe you are Enslaved, implies What? Darryl: Someones Enslaving- you or something. Bernard: No, that youre Believing-it You dont know that for a Fact- To Claim that you Know that Youre Enslaved, is the same as a Belief- because If You know you are Enslaved, youll Know How to get-out of-it Then its no big Problem. Darryl: Right. Bernard: But as long-as you dont know how to get-out of-it, and to Solve the Problem, youre still Just Believing You are Enslaved, you dont know In-Fact How-it Operates- To have the Experience of Being Enslaved and being Unable to get-out of-it meaning make a Big-issue out of-it, like you will find with your Conspiracy Theorists and so on, they make a Big-Hu Ha about-it, thats because: They dont Know How to get-out of-it, they have an Idea theyre Enslaved, but they dont Know How it works In-Fact- and then, instead of Actually Doing something about-it, they Create a Following -They Do Not Act In-Fact- and they Blame-Others from the perspective of Separation- And instead-of Pointing-out to Others, what is the Problem and coming-up with a Solution to Solve the Problem to Stop the Enslavement- That Make Sense? Darryl: yeah. Bernard: Therefore, the Desire for Freedom-Exist because, from their Perspective, there is something-wrong, something that they call Enslavement- but they also dont Understand Freedom, because if you take that Freedom and you superimpose-it on Everybody-elses Freedom, then you have Freedom-Equality that means, Everyone Equally-Free- No One is Free because you have a certain Obligation, you have a Responsibility- The Moment you are More-Free than somebody else = thats No-longer Freedom, then it is Control-The Only-way where Freedom Can-Exist, is in Equality. Where All is Equally-Free in All-Ways- thats Only-Possible in terms-of How we are Approaching Equality to bring-about a Total-Equality for All-Life in All-Ways in All-Dimensions. From that-Perspective, Everyone then is Free- but there is a Responsibility that goes-with the Freedom where one then also The Freedom You-Get is the Freedom You-Give- So there is an Equal I mean theres a Reality of Equality Within the Freedom- Darryl: What about the perceived loses of Freedom when Equality is Considered? Bernard: but those Perceived Loses-of Freedom was Never-Freedom, that was where you had Control over certain parts of your Life and therefore you had the Freedom to Abuse- That was Not-Freedom, thats Freedom to Abuse. Then youre gonna-get Freedom which is the Freedom of Life- and the Same-Freedom Exist for Everyone because, If you would like Freedom of Abuse then you must remember you must also give Freedom of Abuse to Others, then you have the same-World you have now, where everything is happening-through Competition and through-Abuse- which is the Freedom to Abuse- and because you dont wanna give-up your Freedom of Abuse= You dont want to look-at Equality- I mean, you dont Mind being Abused, then you have the Freedom to Abuse and thenWhy this Abuse gets so-Big? Because One try and be More-Free than the Other, therefore Abuse-More because then your Freedom of Abuse is Bigger- And You are Better because: You could Abuse-Better- Does that Make sense? Darryl: They just see it as Free Will Its my Free Will for the Pursuit of Happiness, My happiness. Bernard: What-is Happiness? Happiness at the Cost of Another is Not-Happiness. Happiness at the Cost of Another is You

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A discussion with Bernard Poolman by Darryl W Thomas for Desteni on equality for all life

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