9 mei 2010

Bubbly Brunette Shaving Hair - A Follow-Up

MayaHarelHere — 9 mei 2010 — Face World Face off Presents:

My decision to Stand Up and Shave my Hair For What is Best For All.

For a long period of time, I wanted to shave my hair to prove to myself that I'm not defining myself according to my hair. Yet, I still had resistance to do it, out of Fear.

Around the time when Face World Face Off campaign launch, Ive arrived to Desteni Farm.

Initially, we made a Video that shows how much Chemical we are using in one single shower- I had a long hair that time, and Ive been asked to demonstrate it:
(** put a short view of the video **)

Once we finished and Ive seen the Video, I knew that I must do something. Ive realized how I'm so easily abusing earth while using Sham-Poo and Con-Ditioner only because I fear to shave my hair. This was not acceptable.

Initially, I cut my hair up to my shoulders. That week, Ive noticed that I'm using 1/3 the amount of Shampoo and Conditioner. Still inside me I Knew it was not Enough.

Ive applied Self Forgiveness, and realized that my fears werent real. Ive realized that I'm able to make that decision and stand by it to eternity.

And then I shaved my Hair.

My Experience with No-Hair :

At first, it was strange, slowly, it became very naturally.
To face the consequences of shaving my hair, I had to Test myself within my home Environment, In Israel.

I have found it very interesting to get feedbacks from people some reveal their Fears, some Justify their Fears, Some considering to do that as well, some just amazed that I had the courage,
Some think I got crazy, and some just unconditionally support.

I'm standing Here, 4 month after Standing by my Decision, walking my life..

This experience Assisted and Supported me within walking through my Fears, proving to myself that I'm not conditioning myself to my environment, not dependent on others to tell me how to live my life, not conditioning myself to the polarity of what is Beauty and what is Ugly.

I'm Grateful that Ive met Desteni and the Tools they are presenting to face oneself within Self Honesty.
I'm grateful for the opportunity to be able to Stand Up and Direct myself according to the Principles of what is Best for All Because in Essence, what is Best for All is Best for Me.

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