10 mei 2010

WTF Real News

Me Ranting - WTF - Real News--Larry King's Lives 25th anniversary, who gives a SHIT! Oprah's last season, who gives a FUCK! Yahoo new headlines: What to Buy and Not Buy at Walmart - Are they for real? Who gives a flyin fuck, in fact let's look at the Facts about your local Walmart.
Fifteen thousand, mostly young women, were brought from China as contract workers to Saipan, where they were employed in sweatshops which are 70 percent foreign-owned, using foreign machinery, foreign textiles, and overseen by foreign managers, sewing clothing for export to the U.S. The women sewing U.S. garments in Saipan could be fired and deported if: They fell in love;Got married;Became pregnant (terminate pregnancy or be deported);Participated in political or religious activities;Failed to meet their daily production quota;Refused to work overtime, including unpaid volunteer hours;If they Criticize working or living conditions;Participated in any activities which lessened their energy for work;Refused to lie to inspectors regarding safety conditions at work, the number of hours worked, the true number of women living in each barracks room;Asked for a higher wage;Tried to organize a union.Remember, these are conditions at factories on U.S. soil making garments for Walmart and the other major retailers.When they werent locked in the factory, typically 4 to 6 women would share one 10 by 25-foot, hot, often insect-infected room. The food would be poorly prepared and often inedible. In many of the barracks, water was turned on only 15 minutes a day for bathing. Even drinking water was not provided on a regular basis.
The dorms were guarded and surrounded by barbed wire. Even when they werent working, the womens movements were severely restricted. They were given specific curfews. In some barracks, guards demanded that the women account for their whereabouts before they could leave.
Where do you think the U.S. companies are headed? They are going south. Walmart, for example, is now in the process of pulling its last production orders out of Tianjin in the north and relocating its work to the lower-wage, unregulated factories in the south. Sears is doing the same. Seriously real shit, still, we go and buy from Walmart. We are the slaves paying for slave labor. We support it, we accept it, we allow it. They depend on us to buy it, and we do, we want to 'save' our 'money' so we believe, accept and allow the bullshit to continue out of our own greed within accepting and allowing ourself to buy and shop. Thus, we support and are slave to the system since we are the ones working, buying, supporting the system. Since there are more slaves than elite. I say we stop, we just fucking stop. If we all stop, the system stop. This is just one of many atrocities within and as this world.If you're not standing up and seeing that this world is fucked up, then you're not paying attention. Forget what you 'thought' you knew - it's All been a lie. Everything. The moment to stand up and take responsibility for yourself and this world is here. What the HELL are you waiting for? Is it maybe that you 'think' your life is so wonderful that you just don't give a shit. Is it that we would rather watch tv, play computer games, get drunk and have sex . Then go back to work after 2 days off, only to begin doing the same fucking thing day after day after day... This is being slave to the very system we accept and allow as we sit and imagine we are free - we are not. Investigate your world and yourself. Question your world and yourself. Find out what the fuck is going on in our world. Turn off the tv and tv news programs that regulate and decide what we're to know about our world. Research the internet to see your world. It's there to see, find out for yourself. Stop accepting and allowing yourself to be manipulated and controlled by mind.It's hard to convince people we're in the early stages of collapse when things are still pretty good. Only when we have trouble meeting our basic needs will we begin to seriously question and fundamentally reform our society. By Mickey Foley
Assist is Stopping what has been accepted and allowed within yourself. If one is born into this world they have the right to food, clothes and shelter to support themselves practically. If you do not agree, then you should ask yourself why. Possibly because your greedy, mind controlled or controlled by mind. Support an Equal Money System for All from Birth till Death. Major structural change is required in this world, you know it and I know it. Face yourself, breathe, stand up within self forgiveness and self honesty. Dr. Martin Luther King said, "it is one thing to throw a coin to a beggar, it is another thing to address the edifice that creates beggars."
Cathy K
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