6 mei 2010

Why is Man so Dumb - Revealing the Education System

A Vlog looking at the state of the world education system with the focus on the American Education System.

In this Vlog I reference the point of test scores of kids in the united states in comparison to 30 other developed countries around the world that were gathered in an international study.

The Results show shocking results - The US kids finishing in the bottom 15% in every category. Reading, Science, Mathematics.

This Research is done from the perspective of establishing an Equal and One educations system - so that each and every single individual on the planet has access to education. Where education is a Birth-Right in FACT, not only in theory.

Within this it is our responsibility as humanity to create a system that supports all individuals equally, not only in education, but in all forms of support and sustenance so that each and every single life lived on this planet is one that is dignified and fulfilling.

www.pisa.oecd.org - For More Research on international student assessment

For more info on EQUAL MONEY SOLUTION visit www.desteni.co.za

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