16 april 2009

Questions to assist with exploring the issue of money

Questions to assist with exploring the issue of money
for everyone- -by Gabriel Zamora Moreno

"If i had no money, who would i be ?"
totally fucked
I would have no self esteem, no house, no money, no friends, nothing. Society would spit me out,they would see me as a looser. Unwanted an outcast.

"if i had a billion, who would i be ?"
I would feel great, no more worries about money

"if someone gave me a billion, who would i be?"
Grateful and greedy

"if someone stole all my money, who would i be?"
Very angry

"if i worked and didn't get my pay at the end of the month, who would i be?"
Very fucking angry

"if i suddenly had children to take care of financially, who would i be?"

"if the government would seize all my property, who would i be?"
Beyond fucking angry

"if i was in enormous debt, who would i be?"

"in all those situations, would i remain the same?"
I would react big time because really come on lack of MONEY will reveal your real colours- not a pretty sight.

Conclusion- we are fucked and trapped in and by the money system.

An agreement on a new set of rules of an One and Equal money system for all from birth to death. This will change all outflows of us humans and how we exist.

Who would I be, without money?
There is not such a thing of who I would be when existing as in having lack of money or having no money at all. There is no "WHO AM I" . No not at all. There is only survival to be concerned about, currently many do live like this in the world.
Who would I be when I would have been born into a family without money at all. No there is no equality in this world, it depends on where you are born.

Many see that the world is one, It's time to realize and walk the practical solutions that we are ALL One and Equal.

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