9 april 2009

What if I am wrong?

When I have clarity but do not direct myself within clarity but instead I hold myself back. Between the moment of clarity and holding back I experience fear I experience FEAR pertrifying FEAR
Its not an external fear in terms of that something outside triggered the fear e.g I fear a person or a reaction within the other- which is cloaked fear of self
No it’s internal , the fear of the fear. Direct here within myself.
There is no way out, SF won’t do the trick anymore so to speak. Nope I have to walk through it.
In the moment that I’m able to walk the correction in terms of a event , that I actually can walk the corrective application here in the physical as me standing as me here as me – I hold back

What’s behind it?
Not wanting to take responsibility, afraid of taking self responsibility.
What if I make that post, what if I correct others as me within the clarity that’s me?
What if I am wrong?
What does this imply?
That I have to take responsibility for my words, for my deeds here within the actuality of me instead within the clarity wherein I do not direct myself but can always relay on this clarity as an source hidden away from everyone, only existing in my mind, the illusionair realms, and from there it’s already creating morality.
Fuck- knownledge is useless when not lived
It locks into female ego and from there into the mothermatrix.
So I hold back – keep everything as it – accepting and allowing everything as it is- not ‘able’ to push myself through the point of pertrifying fear

Particpating in the same thing over and over again, hoping that one day it will have a different outcome?
Within the holding back there comes sadness,deep sadness.

It has been pointed out to me that when I’m holding back I’m afraid to show to myself that I actually have transcended the point, that I’m actually walking the correction.
How fucking stupid is this?
It’s stupidity

I start seeing that the physical is the only place that is real and that every correction is a physical correction.You have to physicaly correct yourself, you have to become it and then it’s a expression of me here within the physical. Me as Self Expression not within any realm of the mind, but here within me as the expression of me here within the physical, within my body.

I stop
I see the point
I walk the correction
I see that real change is possible

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